Create a Rediffmail Desktop Icon

Opening your Rediffmail account should not be also challenging and time-consuming, right? Based within your Web connection, it might take you around a minute or two to complete it. But let’s pretend that you simply commit about three to 4 minutes, opening your browser, then accessing your Rediffmail. You then check your mail a minimum of three occasions every day. So you happen to be spending around 12 minutes of one’s 24 hours accessing your messages. Multiply this by at the very least 30 days, and you are spending 360 minutes just opening Rediffmail-that’s 6 hours a month. Surely by now you realize that it is possible to do a lot of other points offered that time.

That’s why it’s a good idea to seriously take into account adding a Rediffmail icon suitable at your desktop, and you will discover really three strategies on tips on how to do that:

Initially, you are able to show the desktop screen of the personal computer. Right-click around the screen and opt for New. Then select Shortcut. Inside the space supplied, previous the URL in the Rediffmail Login . You can then name the new shortcut. Click Finish.

Yet another solution is always to save the Rediffmail Login page. Open your Rediffmail hyperlink. We’ve currently provided that for you personally. On your browser, appear for the File Menu. Pick Save As. Do not modify anything, specially the file extension. Otherwise, the desktop icon could not function. You are able to then rename the desktop icon.

Lastly, you may just drag the Rediffmail icon straight into your desktop. To achieve this, open the login page and resize the window so you are able to determine your desktop too. Then, find the icon with the e-mail service found inside the address bar to your desktop. Use your leg mouse button.


• You might be absolutely free to name the icon with anything, but simply to ensure that that you simply don’t get confused, basically call it Rediffmail.

• Remember that you happen to be just producing a desktop icon for the mail service so you’ll be able to quickly access it. You nonetheless can not check your e-mail messages unless you’re connected towards the Net.

• You have to be cautious about employing the desktop icon. It really is hugely advised that you simply do this only if there’s no other else who makes use of your pc or laptop. You could possibly be careless and somebody may possibly have the ability to open your account with out your permission.

• The guidelines above are what we contact common directions. They might not be the exact steps you must adhere to because it all is determined by the browser, as well because the pc, you happen to be utilizing.


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