Customize Calendar For a Special Gift to Your Customers

Selecting Between Offset and Digital Printing for Custom Calendars

Considering how you will enrich your marketing efforts so that you will have an advantage against your competition? Should you make use of offset printing or digital printing to make give-aways such as Custom designed calendars really appealing?

That one may reach satisfactory answers to such questions, let’s learn more about the differences when comparing offset and digital printing first, and what advantages each one holds for us.

A Quick Background on Printing

Printing has been with civilized mankind for a long time. Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 invented the first ever mechanical printing press. Hundred of years later, different kinds of methods and techniques have been created that made the production of items much easier and quicker.

In these times , Calanders , business cards, color flyers, and color postcards are normal examples which require the use of printing. With the help of fast developments in technology, we are able to now make them through the use of offset printing and digital printing.

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

Offset printing is among the most frequently used techniques in printing. Offset or ” traditional printing” involves a mechanical method of spreading layers of ink on to paper or any other media with a series of rollers and each roller has it own specified ink– CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. As each roller passes, ink is transferred and layers of colors are created, generating these delightful graphics or crystal clear text on the page. As well as that, “Pantones” or PMS colors can be added to further enhance or customize your picture.

Using digital printing, pictures on computers can be printed directly on a variety of surfaces such as paper, vinyl or film. It has been around since 1993 and it is basically the flagship of the printing world. Films and plates for ink rollers are not needed in digital printing either since all it requires is ink. Digital presses can print a magnificent image from a single pass from one ink head. Remarkably, the identical application may be found in commonly found inkjet printers located in office spaces and homes, however the output is not as clean and crisp.

Businesses make use of custom calendars to give to their customers and prospects so that their company info stays in front of them week in week out all year long. Putting to use custom calendars with regard to your business leaves behind a long-term image of professionalism with your audience or consumers.

So, which might you use offset printing for your custom calendars, brochures, flyers or legal documents? Offset printing, or would you be better off choosing digital printing?

Take into consideration the following differences:.

Offset Printing Benefits.

-Setup expense needs to be considered and is usually for bigger quantities.
– Many different mediums may be printed on, sky is the limit.
-Different customized inks may be used like Pantone.
-The highest quality of printing that can be produced.

Digital Printing Advantages.

– Rarely is there a setup charge and is generally used for lower volumes.
-Coding i.e. names, addresses, or numbering may be done with ease.
-Technology regularly improves and digital printing items are currently more advanced than before.

-You have printed want you would like, the moment you need it.

As a result, if you decide to print heaps of Door hangers that will be distributed, you’re far better off selecting offset printing. However, on the other hand, if you are thinking of printing a smaller amount of calendars, digital printing is the way to go.


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