How you can Install Sod

We all like it when our backyards are searching all green and well maintained despite it becoming that time of the year when it seems to be dry all over. The secret to getting a good lawn is making sure that one installs good sods which lay a good foundation. A sod usually defines the grass patches together with the soil they hold with their roots. It is thus important for us to know the best ways to use when searching at how to install sod. This will also come in useful when one searching to begin a new lawn from scratch. Installing sods supply the quickest way to getting a green lawn while offering quicker results in contrast to Growing one from scratch utilizing seeds.

The first step is to select a good site. Decide the size of the area you want the sod to cover and get your measurements correct. You should also decide the type of grass you want to use for your lawn because there is a variety to pick from. Go ahead and make sure the land where the sod will be installed is well prepared with the soil becoming well tilled. Remove all stones and lumps ensuring that the soil is even and smooth. You can then utilize some gypsium or fertilizer that has high quantities of phosphorous and ensure it is evenly dispersed by utilizing a rake. If you have a site that is prone to weeds you should get rid of the weeds in progress. The soil should also be watered prior to the day of laying the sod and it is also important to ensure the land has a good drainage system. You can also test the pH ranges of the soil and get it improved accordingly to the optimum level which should be between 6.0 and 7.0 for the best results.

following the soil is well prepared, you can now proceed to the important part which is laying the sod. It is important that one gets the measurements of the area upon which the laying will be done so as to get sod measurements that are in line with the area. Get the sod and begin laying them in a straight line. You can choose to begin on the edge like lets say the sidewalk or next to the flowerbed. It is important that the sod gets planted as soon as it is harvested from its supply. When unrolling the sod make sure you lay them next to each other without leaving any spaces to ensure that you get a uniform searching lawn without bumps or spaces. following you are done with laying, the next step is rolling. This is done by the use of a lawn curler and it helps to make sure the sod has optimum contact with the new floor while also getting rid of packets of air that may be trapped in between. This allows quicker knitting between the roots and the soil. The final stage is watering the installed sod on regular basis unless there is rain to ensure it does not dry up.

That is how easy it if you have been wondering how to install sod so go ahead and try it out.


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