Singapore Maid Agency – How to Choose the Right One

Singapore maid agency – there is a “secret” checklist you need to know when deciding on the ideal Maid agencies in Singapore to recruit a good Singapore maid for the family members.

Fundamentally a maid in Singapore is what is typically called an “ah-mah” or a domestic helper or perhaps a nanny. They are an integral component of life right here in Singapore. This really is particularly so since the pace of life right here is quite speedy.

In case you are an expatriate living in Singapore, getting a Singapore maid to help out at household is a lot more a necessity than a luxury. Although, they are maids operating in Singapore, the majority of them come from the Philippines and Indonesia. You can find other folks who come from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and in some cases Nepal. At present, you will discover about 150,000 foreign domestic workers or Singapore maids in Singapore.

So, how do you go about come across the proper Singapore maid for your family? One way is always to do it yourself. This can be a very good solution for those who know of any very good Singapore maids or you may have good friends who can advise their maids to you. Having said that, do watch out for some employers who say great items about their maids so that they’re able to “pass her on” devoid of buying an air-ticket to send her back to her country of origin.

But one more way is to obtain the right Singapore maid agency or pros to help you. Soon after all, that you are speaking about a person operating and living within your household!

Here’s the checklist to assist you obtain the right Singapore maid agency for this essential job:

1. Beneath the Singapore government regulations, only totally licensed and accredited Singapore maid agencies are permitted to operate. Make sure to verify their licences and accreditation documents. Which is to say, the agency must be licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and accredited by the Customers Association of Singapore (or the Association of Employment Agencies). The keyword here is “and” – it can’t be “either or”.

2. Another important point to note is no matter if it is a trustworthy employment agency. Major size will not imply a great agency as such agencies are usually run by personnel who from time to time couldn’t care much less, and occasionally their bureaucracy can get the better of them. A smaller agency specializing in your demands may well be much better.

3. It truly is essential to ask about and locate out from pals and colleagues about their experiences and which Singapore maid agency they recommend. Go one particular step further in case you know of any maids. Ask them which maid agencies they go to once they would like to obtain a brand new employer. This may offer you some indications as to which Singapore maid agencies are well-liked amongst the girls. Generally, popular agencies should really have a quite great selection of maids for you to select. Additionally, such agencies are likely to become fair towards the maids – which is why they may be well known amongst the maids.

4. Ensure that the maid agency has testimonials from happy shoppers. This may imply that they’re carrying out a reasonably good job such that their consumers are prepared to say good issues about them in writing. Verify that these are true testimonials (by asking for the originals) mainly because people can quickly invent them. One more approach to verify will be to see no matter if the testimonials provide details. Invented testimonials usually say things like “they are a good agency, and they deliver excellent maids and great service.” Duh! 😉

5. Speak for the staff on the maid agency about how they go about discovering the best maid for the loved ones. The Singapore maid agency might have suppliers of maids whom they function with or the maids themselves propose their friends and so on. Most importantly, check whether the maid agency has a method in matching the appropriate Singapore maid to your family. Soon after all, it is “different strokes for unique folks”! A maid who doesn’t operate out for a single household does not imply that she will not operate out for one more family. It’s like at times, you merely “click” having a particular person, and in some cases you don’t, no matter what. The key here is, does the maid agency has a solution to raise this “clicking” element?

In conclusion, do your homework and do not rush into employing just any maid. Get your initially step right. Initially, locate the right Singapore maid agency to assist you. Then, they’re going to make it easier to locate the proper Singapore maid to match your family’s requires.


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